Regional Councils

ICCO has established eight Regional Councils based on the belief that in ICCO's strategic policy making it is needed to include experts from the regions itself.
Today there are eight Regional Councils world-wide
Welcome to this community which offers information about RC matters, including:
  1. guidelines for RCs 
  2. RC newsletters
  3. Strategic documents ICCO Cooperation
Objective of this community
Share information and exchange on RC matters. 
For specific information on your RC please see the specific community of your RC.
RC meetings COMING UP

RC Southern Africa

19-20 September , South Africa

RC South America

28-30 October, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

RC Middle East

 22-23 November, Bethlehem

RC Central America

20-24 November, Nicaragua

RC Central & Eastern Africa

4-8 December, Sudan/Uganda

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