Portal Tutorials

This community will help you find your way around in the ICCO Portal, teach you to find information, add content to or in Wiki's, Blogs, Documents, etc. There is a lot to learn and find out, take your time and learn step by step.

Most of the information in this Community is found right here in the Community Wiki. We've tried to break the information down in small pieces and provide images and shot tutorial movies where all the actions are performed. 

The portal is not a static thing, it is constantly evolving. Therefor this tutorial community will continuously be updated and improved. If you notice new things in the Portal, check back here and get updated.

Have some fun!

But most of all, have some fun in the Portal. It should be a fun place to share information, ideas and concept with other people. Don't be scared to try something, it's probably not as hard as you think.


General Introduction

This part will give a start on what the Portal is, what you can do with it and how to find your information on it. It is nothing complicated, you'll not be adding new content, just learning how to find your way around the portal.

We have broken this up in three sections, each section focuses on a specific part. The communities part is by far the largest. But then again working in communities is probably the biggest thing about the Portal.

Signing in to the Portal

What is the Portal and what can I do with it?

What are communities and how to find information?

Community tools - Part 1 (Members, Roles, History)

Community tools - Part 2 (Wiki)

Community tools - Part 3 (Blog)

Community tools - Part 4 (Forum)

Community tools - Part 5 (Calendar)

Community tools - Part 6-7 (Assets, Documents, images)

Community tools - Part 8 (Links)

Global Search

LifeRay Sync (DropBox for the Portal)

Email Notifications

Adding Content.

Once you can find your way around the Portal, you'll probably feel a need to contribute to the Portal. The portal is not set up as a pure information serving entity, it is set up as an information sharing and exchanging platform where you can all contribute.

Adding content is not difficult, you do not need to have a PhD in web design, nor do you need any technical knowledge on HTML, CSS or any other scary technology. The Portal provides you with easy to use editors to add content.

This section will explain how you can add content to Wiki's and blogs.

Working with the HTML Editor

Working with templates

Working with images

Keep in mind that the content you post is on-line, available the moment you click on the Publish or Save button. ICCO has formulated policies for posting, make sure your content does adhearto that policy.

Security Protocol Portal

Policy Social Media


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