Welcome to the Policy documents community


Like most organisations ICCO has policies which are communicated via Policy documents. These Policy documents are maintained by a number of departments like FACTS, Human Resources, Travel Desk, IT etc.

In this community we try to help you find the policy you are looking for quickly and without looking through other Communities.

The policies are mostly maintained on the seperate communities, but you can also find them via the links below. First click on the link for the relevant main subject. Under the link you will find a list of available policy documents.
You can also use the Portal 'search' function above to quickly find a document or a subject.


For Questions about the policy documents: please contact the owner listed.

If you miss a specific document or if an outdated version is used, or for other questions about this portal community, please address:  or (temporary owners of this community)

PS for the time being below you will find direct links to copies of the Policy documents. In the future these links will connect you to the original document on the original community to ensure that we all use the same and correct version.

Links to the policy subjects

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