Dynamics Community

Welcome to the Dynamics community. 

This community is public to all Dynamics users; Key Users can become member of this community.

If you are looking for Dynamics MANUALS: they can be found in menu Manuals & Policies, or click on Dynamics Manuals.

Key users use this community as the way of communicating about Dynamics: new ideas can be ventilated, questions asked. Also the RFC (requests for change) list is published in this community - see Tools - Community Documents on the right side of this page.

What are the Key-Users main tasks?

  • Act as point of contact for problems with Dynamics or Monitoring Tool for the RO's and departments.
  • Report problems/incidents to the Helpdesk IT in Utrecht
  • Act as point of contact for the Dynamics coordinator
  • Test new features in Dynamics or Monitoring Tool
  • Participate in projects concerning Dynamics or Monitoring Tool
  • Receive and pass on training and instructions
  • Take part in de Dynamics User group

Who are The Key User(s) of your department or Regional offices? See the document

'Key users at ROs and GO'.

What are expected changes in Dynamics? See the document 'RFC list MSD'.

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