Every human being – man, women and child – has the right to fully participate in his or her own community and in broader society, and to play his or her role in public policies and economic processes that affect their own lives. Marginalized and poor people often experience a de facto denial of these rights, and a denial of their human dignity.  

Lack of (political) space, a weak functioning of the rule of law, abuses of human - including women - rights, and the existence of conflicts are amongst the main drivers of exclusion. The CT&D program works on empowerment and structural changes towards the inclusion of these people at all levels of society, from local to national. The CT&D program works on both ICCO focus themes Justice and Dignity for All and Securing Sustainable Livelihoods.


Program pillars

The CT&D program actually concentrates on three pillars:

  1. Access to land and natural resources, concentrating on people’s access to public policies on land and resources governance, and on structural changes leading to effective rights on land and resources.
  2. Democratization and Civil Society strengthening, by promoting platforms and spaces for effective participation of people and their organizations, by  supporting improvement in the Rule of Law, and by addressing human rights abuses and the root causes of conflicts.
  3. Equal rights of man and women, minorities and marginalized groups.


Context and coherence

Unequal access to land and other natural resources impede people’s opportunities to work on sustainable livelihoods. The same goes for rights abuses and the lack of spaces for (political) participation. In addressing these items the CT&D program coordinates with other programs that concentrate on food and nutrition security, fair climate and fair economic development.

The CT&D Program, including KerkinActie programs, works in Liberia, DRC, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and South Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, OPT and worldwide.



CT&D is member of the IS Academy on Fragile States and develops partnerships with ISS (Den Haag) and others on the theme of Access to Land and Natural Resources. Via Lobby and Advocacy links exist with the BMO. CT&D participates in the Dutch Knowledge Platform on Security and The Rule of Law.

Related to the converging focus of ICCO towards rural areas and the two interrelated focus themes Justice and Dignity for All and Securing Sustainable Livelihoods CT&D will further establish strategic partnerships in North and South.

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