In this Community you can find folders with corporate information and documents about the following issues (see: community documents):

- Strategic Partnership Lobby and Advocacy
This folder has information and documentation about the submission to the Dutch governement (2016 - 2020) for financing strategic partnerships with civil society organizations.

- Legal documents
Legal documents and information about the ICCO cooperative and ICCO foundation

- Internal ICCO Cooperation Newsletter

- Identity

- Corporate Social Responsibility

- Organization charts

- ProCoDe 
The Community Documents  folder ProCoDe contains important background information and founding documents about the ProCoDe process as initiated as from 2007. It explains the organizational changes and background for the period as from 2007 until the current MFS II.

- Energy@work
In 2011 the E@W process took place, for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the organization. This process led to a reorganization of the Global Office Organization. In the Community documents you can find the most important documents, such as the Progress document E@W and the Elaboration progress document E@W.

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Arnelo M Astillero
I was looking for ICCO's Chamber of Commerce number. I assume this piece of information can be found in the legal documents (see above). But how do i go to the community documents. I've clicked every clickable link in this page but nothing seems to work. What gives?
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Posted on 8/25/14 2:36 PM.