Welcome to the Community Communication, or, if you like Marketing Communication. Communication colleagues form GO and ROs meet here to exchange ideas and plans.

But there is much more. This is the place you have to be to find

Community Assets:

  • Branding and co-branding Manual
  • ICCO Cooperation Logo's
  • ICCO Investment Logo's
  • Templates Stationary
  • Power point Templates
  • Flyers, Folders and Reports (annual)
  • SME-Campaign
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Merchandise
  • Websites
  • Christmas and New Years Cards

Community Blogs

Share the latest news from GO and RO's. Also items from ICCO's international website will be posted here. If you add the tag "News" the blog will appear on the Portal homepage under ICCO News.

Community Forum

If you have any questions about communication tools, please post them here. There is a forum about the use of Facebook and some information about using ICCO's Image Library. New Forum threads may be added!

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