Regional Council Central and Eastern Africa
This community provides all relevant information related to your Regional Council. It is especially a community to be benefitted by you! The set up of this page is just a first attempt and serves as a demonstration during the RC meeting to which you could give input on.

For general information on RCs you can also see the community All Regional Councils.
What's it about?
In this community you will find agenda, reports of meetings or other important documents.
In community documents (see bar on the right, Tools) 3 main folders have been created so far:

In this community you are invited to bring in ideas or interesting articles, studies of relevance to the RO and ICCO and as possible input for coming meeting, on the community forum. (see rights column).

Next meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for 4-7 December 2013 in South Sudan, Juba. 
Click here for agenda.

The RC was establised in the beginning of 2010. Current members are:
 Grace Kaiso, Lebesech Tsega, Johnny Saverio, Eric Kajemba, Gerard Nduwayo, Francine Rutazana, and Joyce Umbima (Kenya).Currently the RC is in process of recruiting new RC members.

More on the functioning of this community
This community can be updated by all the members. Just click on the ''edit button'' on the top of this frame and you can start editing page content. You can also comment on the wiki text, by clicking on the ''comment button''. For further information on the general use of the portal, please visit the Community Portal Tutorials
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