Value propositions

ICCO has an impressive track record and history in writing program proposals in reaction to calls for proposals of donors. The financing donor market has changed and the financial situation of ICCO is urgent. ICCO needs to take a  pro active acquisition approach towards potential financiers and partners to organize enough financial resources for the future. ICCO has to sell its added value and itself as an effective and efficient implementer.

What? Value proposition
A way for pro active acquisition is to devel an unique value proposition and present this as an offor to a potential partner and financier. A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered by ICCO to a potential financier and partner.

  1. A good value proposition is about:
  2. a promise to value and impact of ICCO,
  3. unique added value of ICCO,
  4. proof of capacity that ICCO is able to deliver the value,
  5. sustainable finance and revenue model of ICCO,
  6. offer to the potential financier and partner,

What? The pitch book
A pitch book is an acquisition tool to pitch the unique value proposition of ICCO and make an offer to a potential financier. The pitch book contains of 10 power point slides and present a well-thought storyline of ICCO to be used for sales purposes.

How? The boot camp
The boot camp is a intense 5 day working session to develop an unique value proposition of ICCO and make a pitch book. A boot camp brings together several ICCO experts and combine their expertise for a new proposition. 




A boot camp results in:

  1. a unique value proposition of ICCO,
  2. a pitch book to present the value proposition,
  3. a 6 month working plan for acquisition with the pitch book,
  4. a capacitated ICCO team to pitch the value proposition with the pitch books,





Who? Contact
ICCO asked Antoon Blokland ( and Thomas Schuurmans ( to guide and support ICCO in developing successful value propositions and present them in an appealing way to financiers. Antoon and Thomas facilitates the boot camps and supports ICCO in developing a value proposition and making a pitch book.

You want to know more and be part of a boot camp: mail or call +31612938260


  • October 2015: Public Private Partnership Value Propostion – Bali, Indonesia
  • October 2015: Social Movements Value Proposition – La Paz, Bolivia
  • December 2015: SME development Value Proposition - Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Januari 2016: Youth skills, youth entrepeneurship and migration Value Proposition - Kampala, Uganda
  • Februari 2016: PROOFS 2nd phase Value Proposition - Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • March 2016: Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0 Value Proposition - Utrecht, Netherlands
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