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Basic Health & HIV program

The Basic Health & HIV program is one of the six IA programs. The program is being implemented by Prisma, who is having the lead of the IA program,  and ICCO and Kerk in Actie. The program covers 13 countries and 1 region.

Overall objective

Our overall objective is:
To ensure that civil society is able and takes its responsibility in ensuring the realisation of equal accessible and resilient health systems in rural areas, particularly for poor people, vulnerable to and living with HIV and/or with disabilities. 
Our specific objectives are related to :
  • The establishment of effective accountability mechanisms ;
  • The abolishment of exclusion mechanisms like stigma and discrimination;
  • The strengthening of health systems particularly in the area of Human Resources for Health. 
For a summary of the program see the Basic Health and HIVAIDS program MFS II.doc 
To come to the concept of the program, a 'Theory of Change' was drafted (ToC Basic Health and HIV program ICCO Alliance 2011-2015.doc). This Theory of Change gives a rationale behind the objectives of the program.  
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