Policy and Development

  • Preparing and monitoring corporate, global and programmatic policy
  • Supporting and/or coordinating implementation of programs/projects, manage strategic partnerships
  • Facilitate learning processes and innovation
  • Be responsible for corporate and global lobby


Who-is-who: P&D Staff




Corporate Strategy

On being Innovative and Entrepreneurial Multi-Annual Strategic Plan

 Operational Strategies

Lobby and advocacy

Private Sector Engagement (and Cooperation)


Programmatic Approach



Thematic focus

Fair Economic Development Conflict Transformation and Democratization WASH Water and Sanitation
Food and Nutrition Security Basic Health & HIV/AIDS Connect 4 Change ICT for Economic Development
Climate & Energy Education  

For these themes P&D department employs one or more specialists, supports thematic learning and knowledge managememt, monitors the results that partner organizations report, contributes to the annual reporting. Thematic Specialists document policies, network for cooperation and information sharing, contribute to or review funding proposals. Clicking on any of these themes will guide you to a thematic home page that gives an overview of issues, documents and other relevant information, such as policy papers, position papers and links to key external documents.

Key Principles

Working according to Key Principles reflects our decennia long experience and institutional memory of what works in view of empowering people to overcome poverty. For the near future, our efforts evolve around the following 3 points, internally called ESPs:

  1. Inclusive economic development: poor benefitting from value chains.
  2. Empowering justice for all: people claiming their rights.
  3. Change the systems together: different actors relating and creating towards transformative power.

Gender Equality and the Rights Based Approach are key principles/ operational strategies in all ICCO’s policies and activities. All work done by ICCO has a gender perspective, is geared towards gender equality and is developed and implemented in a rights based approach. Information resources on the following principles can be found with a click:

Rights Based Approach (Aprodev Position Paper 2008) Gender Equality
Human Rights Defenders Policy (complete) ; Short version Accountability
Religion & Development  


Cross-thematic learning: FED-CT&D Public Private Partnerships Social Entrepreneurship - Discussion paper 2012-01 (doc)
Civil Society - Business Roles in "ending poverty", e.g. Base of the Pyramid ICT for Development  




The P&D Department is responsible for ICCO Cooperation account management of strategic relationships in the North and Globally.Types of partnerships the P&D department is responsible for:

  • Corporate general strategic
  • Knowledge platforms
  • Lobby networks
  • Private Sector Actors
  • Funding / Alliance partners
  • Global programmatic partners

For more information, please check the Partnerships Page  (limited access) 

Under the thread "updates in our community" in the community forum you can find a log-book of new content additions

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